Keep the customer passionate


Customer satisfaction is only the start of the customer relationship. Customer loyalty is where the serious money is made.

Let me explain using two examples. I had a problem with my phone carrier; I complained; they pushed back; I complained louder; they fixed it; I am satisfied. But I am not loyal. Give me a reasonable option and I might switch.

Now consider loyalty. I had a four-year-old American car; it died; they said it needed a new engine. I remembered my two foreign cars that I sold after both were more than 12 years old. I bought another foreign brand. After four years I am still satisfied.

But there’s more. I have become so loyal that I convinced my wife to buy one. And I tell all my friends to buy one.

That’s the difference between satisfaction and loyalty. Satisfaction keeps you passive; loyalty makes you passionate. Now that’s a big difference.

by James Mcintosh

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